Photo of Patio Construction

Great Design makes your yard stand out and function well with minimal effort.
Great Construction means you build it once, and enjoy it for years.

Design and Construction

If you are looking to upgrade, repair, or finish off your yard, ALS is here to help. Our Journeyman Landscape Gardener is trained in design and construction, and he will help you design a landscaping plan that suits your property and lifestyle. Good landscaping can increase the appeal and functionality of your yard, providing better use of space, greater enjoyment, and increased property value. ALS can help from concept to completion, and make sure it gets done right, on time, and on budget!

Available services include:

  • Sod Installation
  • Retaining Walls
  • Patios and Sidewalks
  • Ponds and Waterfalls
  • Tree Pruning and Removal
  • Perennial Bed Planting and Mulching

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